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Radcliffe On Trent U3A

Group: Book Appreciation

Contact person(s): Sue Terry

Contact details: 07863 128492 email: bobnsue@hotmail.co.uk

Day and time of meetings: 2pm first Friday of the month

Meeting Venue: Upstairs room at No 29, the café on Station Terrace

Cost: There is no charge for attending our meetings but we do buy a drink.

The Book Appreciation Group meets once a month to discuss a book which has been suggested by a member.  We take it in turns to suggest books and we have found that we get quite a variety of topics which we all appreciate.

A common comment at the group meetings is 'I would never have chosen to read this book of my own accord but..........'

We are a friendly group and our monthly discussions sometimes not only deal with our monthly read but also on occasions putting the world to rights!