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Radcliffe On Trent U3A


8th Jan Bob Massey “Smashing the Frames” The story of Luddites in the Nottingham area.

5th Feb Steve Short AIMC “Jasper Maskelyne” Jasper was a magician & illusionist who’s escapology skills and illusionary tech-niques were used by British Forces in WWII.

5th Mar Dr Rami Seth MBE FRCS “No one speaks English like an Indian” Experiences of a Doctor in the NHS, followed by advice on how to keep healthy whilst in hospital.

2nd April Barbara Meyer “Big Cats” A wildlife photographer who is involved with wildlife conservation, particularly as it relates to big cats.

14th May Ian Morgan “Inspector Hopkinson’s Discovery” A factual Victorian ‘whodunit’. Using only contemporary evidence, the audience tries to solve the true-life murder.

4th June Andy Smart “An Extraordinary Hero” The life of WWI ace Albert Ball VC, DSO & two bars, MC.

2nd July Karen Carter The Nottinghamshire / Lincolnshire Air Ambulance service A valuable public service explained. Where does the money go?

August -- -- -- Summer break -- -- --

3rd Sept Alan Tumber “Nowt so queer as folk” The history of folk music with live music, pictures & film clips to illustrate the talk

1st Oct Dr Ann Featherstone ''The Victorian Fair; Freaks & Fisticuffs'' A brief history of fairs, particularly Goose Fair.

5th Nov Dianne Mannering “Send us some women”. In 1789 the British Government sent “ladies” from Newgate Gaol to Botany Bay to ‘stabilise’ the garrison & convicts. This is their story.

3rd Dec Christmas Party